Ava Max Recalls Funny First Meeting With NCT 127 And Why She Chose Them For A Collab

She shared the humorous meeting that sparked their “So Am I” collaboration.

In July of 2019, NCT 127 collaborated with Ava Max for a remix of her hit song “So Am I”. Though it only featured the vocals of Jaehyun, Taeyong, and Mark, it created a fresh sound for the track.

Since the collaboration might’ve been unexpected, Ava Max shared her funny first meeting with the group and how the collaboration came to be.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Before ever meeting the group, Ava Max had been familiar with them. “I’m such a fan of K-Pop. I met NCT 127 at a radio show recently.

Ava Max couldn’t pass up the chance to meet them and wasted no time greeting them a the radio station, “I’m like, ‘Hey.’” Funnily enough, the group was being super shy.

Making the staff and herself laugh, she explained, “They ran off. I’m like, ‘Come back. Come back.’

Recalling her first impressions of them, she shared how welcoming and chic they all were. She even thought they looked unreal, “They were amazing, and they have so much style. They didn’t look real.

Ava Max couldn’t help but send a message to their stylists: “Whoever’s styling them, ‘Hi, you’re incredible.’ But I honestly think it’s the boys, like they’re actually that stylish.

As for how the collaboration between them came about, NCT 127 was all for it when Ava Max mentioned it. She couldn’t believe it was real herself, “I love NCT 127. So when they wanted to jump on the track, I freaked out ’cause they’re just incredible in general.

NCT 127’s contribution to the track gave it a vibe that Ava Max couldn’t get enough of, “So just putting the song out with them on it has just created…a different diversity for the song that I’m obsessed with.

The mixing of the two cultures was also a perfect example of the inspirational message behind the track. “And I feel like that’s what the song is about; it’s about celebrating differences and being yourself.

If you’ve ever wondered what brought the two artists together, it was a funnier reason than you’d thought. One that had NCT 127 initially trying to make a quick escape.

Check out Ava Max breaking down how it all happened here.


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