Average height of male idol groups from shortest to tallest revealed

Height is often a physical feature of K-pop male idols that impresses and even attracts fans. There are many male idols who are known to be outstandingly tall. So which male idol group has the tallest average height?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens compiled a list of 30 male idol groups’ average heights. Netizens were surprised and unexpected by how tall some groups were, and also stated that many of the idols have grown since their profiles were last updated, and therefore, the stated average heights may not necessarily be current.

30. BTOB (174.71 cm)

Image: Cube Entertainment
Image: Cube Entertainment

29. Teen Top (175.17 cm)

Image: TOP Media
Image: TOP Media

28. BEAST (175.56 cm)

Image: BEAST 3rd album 'Highlight' / Cube Entertainment
Image: BEAST 3rd album ‘Highlight’ / Cube Entertainment

27. FT Island (176.2 cm)


26. SEVENTEEN (176. 62 cm)

Seventeen photoshoot for K Wave magazine / Pledis Entertainment
Seventeen photoshoot for K Wave magazine / Pledis Entertainment

25. Block B (176.71 cm)

Seven Seasons
Seven Seasons

24. Shinhwa (176.83 cm)


23. iKON (176.86 cm)

Image: iKON / YGEX
Image: iKON / YGEX

22. EXO (176.89 cm)

EXO during EX'ACT Press Con
EXO during EX’ACT Press Con

21. MBLAQ (177 cm)


20. GOT7 (177.07 cm)

GOT7 "If You Do" MV

19. BIGBANG (177.2 cm)

Image; BIGBANG / YG Entertainment

18. Boyfriend (177.33 cm)

Boyfriend BOUNCE Forest Dance Practice
Image: Boyfriend’s “BOUNCE” forest dance practice video / Starship Entertainment

17. Super Junior

Super Junior's "Devil" MV
Image: Super Junior’s “Devil” MV / SM Entertainment

16. ZE:A (177.56 cm)

Image: ZE:A / Star Empire Entertainment

15. BTS (177.71 cm)

Image: BTS' Facebook
Image: BTS’ Facebook

14. MONSTA X (178.11 cm)

Starship Entertainment
Image: MonstaX / Starship Entertainment

13. SHINee (178.4 cm) tied with NU’EST

Image: SHINee during a concert / SM Entertainment

13. NU’EST (178.4 cm) tied with SHINee

Pledis Entertainment
Image: NU’EST / MyMusicTaste, Pledis Entertainment

12. INFINITE (178.43 cm)

Image taken from Naver Music
Image: Infinite / taken from Naver Music

11. WINNER (179.2 cm)

Image: WINNER performing “Color Ring” on SBS “Inkigayo”

10. JYJ (179.33 cm)

Image: JYJ (Junsu, Jaejoong, Yoochun) / C-JeS Entertainment

9. B1A4 (179.4 cm)

Image: B1A4 / WM Entertainment

8. B.A.P (180.17 cm)

Image: TS Entertainment via 1theK
Image: B.A.P’s “Feel So Good” MV / TS Entertainment via 1theK

7. 2PM (180.83 cm)

Photo: JYP Entertainment
Image: 2PM / JYP Entertainment

6. 2AM (181.5 cm)

Image: 2AM / JYP Entertainment

5. U-KISS (181.57 cm)

U-Kiss Always group photo
Image: U-KISS / NH Media

4. VIXX (181.83 cm)

vixx 2
Image: VIXX / Jellyfish Entertainment

3. g.o.d (182 cm)

Naver Music
Image: g.o.d / SidusHQ ,Naver Music

2. CNBLUE (183.5 cm)

FNC Entertainment
Image: CNBLUE / FNC Entertainment

1. TVXQ (184 cm)

Fantaken image of TVXQ
Image: Fantaken image of TVXQ / SM Entertainment

Where did your favorite male idol group place on the list?

Source: Pann