This Award-Winning Figure Skater In Korea Wants To Date This BTS Member, Even For Just One Day

She admires this member so much, she says it’s okay even if she gets hate from the fans.

You Young is a 16-year old professional figure skater who has won multiple awards for her excellence in competitive figure skating.

Just this year alone, You Young was successful in bagging the Youth Olympic gold in women’s figure skating…

…making her the first non-Russian woman to win the ladies’ figure skating competition at the Youth Olympic Games.

Also, prior to that amazing achievement, she has also won her fourth national title: the South Korean figure skating championships.

When she’s not practicing and perfecting her figure skating routines, You Young also loves listening to K-Pop.


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She likes songs performed by famous artists like G-Dragon and Sunmi.

And of course, she’s a big ARMY, too!


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I love BTS’s song and dance. I totally love Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung.

– You Young

She doesn’t have a favorite song since she loves all of the group’s songs. You Young also admires the fact that BTS overcame their struggles and managed to become stars known all over the world.

In her recent interview, the reporter asked her if she would consider going on a date with if she were asked by a broadcasting station as part of their special show.

You Young didn’t hesitate and said this:

I’ll accept it. I can’t help it if BTS’s fans wouldn’t like it. That would be once in my lifetime.

And frankly, with BTS’s V’s charms, no one could blame her for agreeing, don’t you think?

Source: Movist