Super Awkward Conversation Between Korean Guy And Girl Who Thought He Was Gay and Japanese Goes Viral

Get ready to cringe!

We’ve all probably had an awkward conversation with someone we hardly knew. You’re probably thinking about the time when you were forced to talk with your great aunt at your cousin’s wedding, or when you got stuck talking to someone whose name you can’t remember.

Each time is so painfully awkward, but none of them can compare to one Korean guy’s conversation with a classmate.


The conversation starts off with a simple “hello” in Japanese from a girl that the guy hardly knows.


He seems pretty confused by their sudden conversation and it’s not hard to see why.


The awkward levels just keep rising when she just assumes he’s Japanese. But he’s nice and patiently explains to her that he is Korean.


After finding out she made one mistake it seems like she would apologize and end the conversation, but she’s not deterred!


And the cringe factor reaches a peak when we find out she also thinks he is gay.


Poor guy had no idea what she was talking about and had to look it up!


When he finally had enough, he let her know he was super creeped out by her attention. Honestly, who wouldn’t be?


But she still manages to miss his point entirely!


And in the end, he is totally done with her!


Now the conversation has gone viral! Their next class is certainly going to be awkward!

Source: Reddit