These Awkward Encounters Between Idols Will Make You Cringe Like Never Before

Idols don’t always have glamorous interactions with one another, and sometimes, they are just downright awkward.

Idols are only human after all, and not every moment in their lives are as glamorous and wonderful as it may seem. Idols also have awkward and embarrassing moments sometimes, which often involve other idols.

While these moments may have been awkward for the idols that it occurred between, they definitely become jokes among K-Pop fans.

Check out awkward encounters between idols below: 

Baekhyun and Suzy

Although their duet “Dream” was a huge hit, Baekhyun didn’t seem to know how to hold Suzy’s hand. Poor Suzy looked as if she was trying her best not to laugh.

Sehun and Jeonghan

EXO‘s Sehun thought that SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan was NCT‘s Johnny and approached Jeonghan. It’s definitely obvious how awkward it was for the both of them.


Yeri and NCT’s Mark and Haechan

Yeri thought that NCT’s Mark and Haechan threw confetti on her and adorably turned around to confirm if they indeed did or not.


Seungri and Tiffany

Seungri thought that Tiffany is waving to him, but she was actually waving to her fans. However, after seeing him wave, Tiffany waved back and also gave him a wide smile as well.