Fans Losing It Over Awkward Three-Way Moment Between Jin, Irene, and Chanyeol

This may actually have been 2017’s most awkward moment.

BTS’s Jin, Red Velvet’s Irene, and EXO’s Chanyeol got together for a press photo, and things got real awkward and stayed awkward. 

For some reason, Jin and Chanyeol were hesitant to stand too close to Irene.

Things remained awkward as they stood far apart from eachother, until Chanyeol took the initiative to get everyone closer together.

But even after Chanyeol got closer to Irene, Jin remained a step apart…until he was told again to stand closer, causing Chanyeol to crack up laughing!

Netizens found the situation too funny to bear!

“Jin looks so awkward and shy! It’s killing me LMAO but he still looks really cute and handsome HAHAHA”

— Sugar-coated Kookies

But Jin also made everyone laugh and eased the tension with one of his classic jokes.

MC: What are you bringing to the event tonight?

Jin: My good looks.


Watch the full, hilariously awkward moment below: