B.A.P’s Yongguk Secretly Produces Music For Other Idol Groups

You’ve probably seen his name in the credits for some of your favorite songs and never even known.

In addition to having taken part in producing songs for his own group, B.A.PBang Yongguk has also been producing songs for other idol groups. In the credits of the B.A.P songs he has helped produce, he is always listed under his real name. What most people didn’t know until recently, however, is that Yongguk has also been producing under the alias Andrew BaagKorea Music Copyright Association has confirmed that Yongguk uses the name Andrew Baag when he helps to produce songs for other idol groups.

For example, he helped produce “Love Me Do” for  VIXX‘s recent single album, Hades.

During a fansign event, a fan asked Yongguk why he sometimes uses the name “Andrew Baag”. Yongguk simply replied “English name”.

In fact, Yongguk has produced a staggering total of 83 songs under both names. So, watch out for “Andrew Baag”, Yungguk’s unusual English name, in the credits for songs by other groups – you might just get a pleasant surprise!