B1A4 devises a clever way to stay warm on stage

When it’s cold as hell outside, and idols need to perform on stage, what’s the best way to stay warm? B1A4 has the secret.

On December 28, B1A4 performed at the Gunsan Youth Healing Concert and the weather that day was extremely cold, boasting temperates far below 0 degrees celsius. It was so cold that the B1A4 members spent extra time looking for ways to stay warm.


After they finished their performances on stage, they started huddling around a suspicious looking cone.

B1A4 worshipping the cone pillar.

B1A4 squatted there huddling around the cone for a while. Fans watched wondering what the heck they were doing, until a burst of flames erupted from the top of the mysterious cone. Look at their excitement when the fire finally arrives!

Warmth is happiness.

Now THATS how to keep warm on stage guys. Make sure you bring your trusty flamethrower-cone to all sub-zero outdoor excursions.