B1A4 Jinyoung and DIA Chaeyeon’s Chemistry In Nylon Shoot Is Undeniable

Fans are in awe over how attractive Jinyoung and Chaeyeon are as they pose for Nylon

Jinyoung of B1A4 and DIA‘s Chaeyeon teamed up for Nylon‘s February issue. The two idols looked extremely close and showed great chemistry as they posed for the shoot. Some fans pointed out that they would make a visually amazing couple, while others stated that they shared similar features and looked as if they were siblings. What do you think?

Jinyoung and Chaeyeon are so adorable together.

Jinyoung looks sharp in this professional yet comfortable-casual looking outfit.

Jinyoung and Chaeyeon look natural together in their black and white ensembles.

Their natural chemistry makes this photo look like it’s not even part of a photo shoot.

With matching outfits, the two stand side-by-side and pose for the photo shoot.

Chayeon looks doll-like as she holds up a chevron patterned purse.


I.O.I just released their final song, “DOWNPOUR”, and will perform it along with their old hits during their concerts from January 20-22. YoojungJieqiong, and Nayoung will also perform a self-produced song at the concert. Check out the video for their final song as a group: