B1A4 Jinyoung looks EXACTLY the same in every selfie he takes

Many of us have a favorite pose that we like to use in pictures, but fans have begun to notice that Jinyoung takes his favorite pose unusually seriously.

When it comes to selfies, there are idols who are unquestionably talented, and those whose selfie game needs improvement. Jinyoung, however, is a unique case.

Jinyoung seems to take many of his photos at the same angle and fans cannot help but notice it upon every update. To his followers, it seems as if he has become a robot!

These six photos were taken at similar angles. With each photo, Jinyoung offered a slight smile and soft gaze for the camera.

Jinyoung Selcas
Six pleasant photos from the handsome B1A4 member. (Image taken from TheQoo)

This hilarious fan-made GIF cycles through a small collection of Jinyoung’s selfies. As you can see each photo has been tilted slightly to the left, showing the angle at which he takes his photos.

Interesting enough, the photos below show Jinyoung’s attempt from an app that can choose the best angle for selfies. Fortunately, Jinyoung knows that he takes many of his photos at the same angle.

See what he had to say about his picture-taking habit!

Jinyoung Selcas
Image from Instiz

“It’s hard, I don’t know how to take them.”

“How do I do it? How do I do it?”

“Everyone says I’m bad at selfies.”

“Like this?”

“I always end up like this.”

“Some people called it passport photos.”

“That my angle is always the same.”

“I hope there was an app that angled things for me.”

Jinyoung Selcas

“That would be an amazing invention.”

“Selfie helper.”

“It would read how to make your face look the most beautiful.”

“This sounds good I should try to make it.”

“It will go 90%, 100% and beep ‘this is your best face.'”

“This really is a good idea.”

“You can have the most beautiful smile with the touch of a button.”

“That would be cool.”

Take a look at two of Jinyoung’s Instagram photos. Do you notice any similarities?

Photo 1
A handsome profile in a grand hallway.

Photo 2
Keeping it classy with a black and white photo.

See the similarities? His poses are identical! He even had his left hand in his pocket for both photos!

The photo below combines the two photos above. They bear a striking resemblance to each other.

Combined Photo
A combination of the two photos above layered on top of each other. What remarkable similarity!

At present, Jinyoung is busy preparing for B1A4’s upcoming tour in the United States.

Source: Pann and Instiz