This Baby NCTzen Caught NCT’s Jaehyun’s Attention At The Airport With Her Adorable Headband

“Please take this!”

On July 9, this adorable little NCTzen met NCT 127 at the airport before their flight and even got to hand Jaehyun her handwritten note. How did she get their attention? By wearing a Jaehyun headband.

Nearly all of the members noticed their cute little fan; she even drew a long stare from Yuta. Her adorable shrieks of “please take this!” as she held the letter out towards them surely warmed their hearts. Each of the members cooly passed her by, knowing from her headband that the true target of the letter was in fact Jaehyun. When Jaehyun passed he said “thank you”, took her letter, and even gave her a high five.

It’s no secret that Jaehyun loves kids, so this NCTzen definitely hit a soft spot in his heart. Her older sister posted video of the adorable interaction on her Twitter account. This is no doubt a once-in-a-lifetime memory that this little NCTzen won’t soon forget.