A Baby Pudu Was Named After NCT’s Haechan Thanks To NCTzens

Welcome to the world, baby Haechan!

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens officially named a newborn baby pudu after NCT‘s Haechan after fans raised more than $2500 in less than two hours.

When the Los Angeles Zoo shared the photos of the newborn pudu on Instagram, it didn’t take long for NCT fans to take notice of the resemblance between the adorable newborn to Haechan. Fans began calling the zoo’s new edition ‘Baby Haechan’ talked about the adorableness of the furry creature.

The comparison did not go unnoticed by the Los Angeles Zoo officials as they stepped in and offered to name the baby pudu after the singer if fans raised $2,000 by January 14 for the non-profit organization.

The fans wasted no time, reaching the goal amount within 2 hours of the post. As of Thursday morning, 184 people had raised more than $2,500 for the zoo.

“Wow, NCT fans have met the goal already, and we are *SO* grateful — as a nonprofit, your generousity means the world.”

The Los Angeles Zoo promised to announce the official naming and a plaque will be installed near baby Haechan’s habitat in honor of the donor soon.

Source: The Qoo