This Korean Children’s Song Has Gone Mega Viral Thanks To K-Pop

“Doo doo doo doo doo.”

If you’ve spent any time around toddlers recently you’re probably very familiar with the song “Baby Shark”. But if you’re also a fan of K-Pop you’ve also likely noticed that the song is also extremely popular with idols.


In fact, the internet is full of videos and clips showing different idols performing to the song. Whether they’re following along to the original choreography like GOT7


Creating something altogether new like TWICE


Or doing a combination of the two like B.A.P, it seems like “Baby Shark” has fully taken over K-Pop.


And it’s not hard to find your favorite group performing the song in one way or another but it isn’t just idols constant videos that have helped this song wiggle into all of our brains. Turns out the song has a surprising history in K-Pop!


The song itself has reportedly been around since the 1900s and became an incredibly popular camp song in the 1970s. But that version was quite a bit different to what we’re familiar with now.


In 2016 the song got a makeover thanks to Pinkfong, a Korean children’s entertainment brand. The company credits the success of their song to K-Pop stars like Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet, and BLACKPINK who all covered the songs during their concerts!


From there, it became a trend and #BabySharkChallenge took over the internet. More and more idols and other netizens began to post videos of themselves singing and dancing along to the song.


Which is why the song has racked up almost 2 billion views on YouTube! As crazy as it seems that this song designed for young children has K-Pop to thank for its crazy success!


So the next time you get “Baby Shark”, remember it’s all thanks to your favorite idols!


Now check out the original and see why everyone fell in love with it in the first place!

Source: Forbes