BABYMONSTER’s Asa Bursts Into Tears During Practice Which Shocks Her Trainer And Shows Her True Personality

Her tears shocked him—and even us.

YG Entertainment released the fourth introduction video for their highly anticipated girl group BABYMONSTER, and we learned about 16-year-old Japanese member Asa.


The video reveals audition clips and a dance rehearsal with the whole group—where Asa was chosen as the member who learned and understood the moves the quickest.

Dancer and choreographer Leejung Lee praised her for being the most efficient, and Yang Hyun Suk complimented her ability to control her facial expressions while dancing.

Leejung | BABYMONSTER/YouTube

Yang Hyun Suk commenting on Asa’s performance | BABYMONSTER/YouTube

Asa is also a strong rapper recognized for her diction, rhythm, and flow. Despite English or Korean not being her language, she can rap in these languages clearly and fluently.

Not only is she talented in dancing and rapping, but she is also a songwriter. In the video, she raps an original song she wrote for the first time.

During this moment with BIGTONE, a YG producer and rap trainer, Asa bursts into tears after presenting her original song “Diary.” Appearing to be unsatisfied with something, she responds to BIGTONE’s feedback with tears—much to his shock.

When he asks her why she’s crying, she responds, “Because I’m so bad…” which makes BIGTONE speechless.

It’s clear from her performance video and the introduction video that she is very talented, however, her constantly working on herself shows us that she is a perfectionist who always strives to be better.

We can’t help but be fans of Asa after watching her growth in the short 9-minute video, and we look forward to what this triple-threat artist will wow us with next.

Watch the full introduction video here.

Source: YouTube

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