BABYMONSTER’s Rora And NewJeans’ Hyein Used To Be In The Same Girl Group

So much talent from one group.

YG Entertainment recently uploaded a 9-minute video introducing us to Rora, a member of their upcoming girl group BABYMONSTER.


In the video, the 14-year-old trainee was introduced as an “all-rounder” who has a voice that is beyond her years. Yang Hyun Suk, the executive producer of YG Entertainment, praised Rora for her singing and dancing skills and her ability to deliver the emotions of a song as if she has experienced them personally. He even said, “Considering her young age, giving her 100 points for her singing abilities would not be a waste.”

Yang Hyun Suk | BABYMONSTER/YouTube

How is she able to deliver the emotions of the song so well at such a young age?

— Yang Hyun Suk

The video showed clips of her vocal lessons as well as snippets of her monthly evaluations in which she sung songs by powerful female vocalists like Camila Cabello, Ella Mai, and Adele.


We also got to see a glimpse of her daily life by seeing a mini vlog of her going to the YG Entertainment office from her middle school. There, we saw her cute interactions of going to the convenient store and learning how to speak Thai with fellow member, Chiquita.

Rora (left) and Chiquita (right) | BABYMONSTER/YouTube

Dancer and choreographer Leejung Lee even claimed that Rora is a trainee who has improved the most in dancing during the two years she taught them. Yang Hyun Suk also praised her dancing skills, stating that finding someone with an “innocent look” who is also able to dance hip hop well is not easy.

Yang Hyun Suk (left) and Rora (right) | BABYMONSTER/YouTube

It’s hard to find someone who has that hip hop vibe.

— Yang Hyun Suk

It was also revealed that Rora used to be a part of the kid’s girl group U.SSO Girl with NewJeans‘s Hyein as a fellow member.

U.SSO Girl | Kids Planet

It was during her time in U.SSO Girl that she was invited to audition for YG Entertainment.

Young Rora | BABYMONSTER/YouTube

Getting her name from “aurora” or the norther lights, Rora states that she wants to be the “first Rora rather than be the ‘next’ someone else” and that she wants to be “an artist who shines on stage like a beautiful aurora.”

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment has been continuously introducing the public to the members of BABYMONSTER one by one through introduction videos—the first and second ones being Ruka and Pharita respectively—and raising the public’s interest and excitement for their official debut.

Watch the full introduction video of Rora here.

Source: YouTube