Backup Dancer Reveals The Three Best Idol Dancers They’ve Ever Seen

All of them deserve more attention for their skills.

Whether an artist is a group or soloist, their performances can be enhanced by a simple addition: backup dancers. Since they’re professional dancers and receive many offers to work for idols, they’re in the perfect position to determine how well idols genuinely dance.

In the latest segment of AYO‘s Comment Defenders, freelance dancer Jang Hee Yoon, also known as Violet, named three idols that blew her away with their dancing.

At the request of naming the best idol dancer she’d ever seen, Hee Yoon couldn’t narrow it down to just one. The first idol that came to mind was OH MY GIRL‘s main dancer YooA.

Although Hee Yoon had seen her dancing last year, it left such an impression on her that she couldn’t forget, “I saw YooA of OH MY GIRL on Queendom last year. She’s amazing!”

The second idol that came to mind was part of the group ASTRO. If you’ve seen them perform, you know precisely who Hee Yoon named and why: Rocky.

She didn’t have words for how blown away she was by his skills, “Rocky of ASTRO. Whoa!” From his killer performances on Hit The Stage to making ASTRO’s choreography look next level, many would agree with her.

There was one last idol whose skills she had to acknowledge. Hee Yoon had seen NCT rehearse one of their stages and was absolutely amazed by a particular member, “NCT… I saw the rehearsal on Music Bank. Wow… It was no joke.

It turned out to be the dancer of NCT Dream that always becomes everyone’s favorite once they see his skills. The talented maknae Jisung. She revealed how much of a fan she was, “Jisung of NCT! NCT, I like you.

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