Bae Seulgi and Chaeyeon apologize for misbehaving at EXO’s concert

Bae Seulgi and Chaeyeon have apologized for their rude behavior at EXO‘s recent concert.

Bae Seulgi and Chaeyeon recently attended EXO’s concert but were heavily criticized after they were spotted bringing in beer to the concert venue and also leaving early.

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— Bae Seulgi

The two were invited to the concert as they were members of the same celebrity bowling team as EXO’s Chanyeol and Baekhyun, but fans were unimpressed with their behavior at the concert.

Fans claimed that Bae Seulgi and Chayeon drank beer and ate snacks, stood up and danced rowdily, then headed to the stage area before the concert ended to announce to EXO that they were leaving, resulting in EXO having to greet them in the middle of their concert.

Soon, Bae Seulgi’s and Chaeyeon’s Instagrams were flooded with comments criticizing their behavior at the concert, and so they updated their Instagram accounts with their individual apologies, which were further criticized for being too short and sounding insincere.

“I am deeply reflecting on my rude behavior at the concert. I am sincerely sorry for hurting many EXO fans’ feelings.

I’m sorry for hurting people’s feelings with my short apology.. It was because I didn’t know what else to say but to apologize.. I was truly sincere, and everyone who went with us to the concert is also deeply reflecting on their behavior. We’re apologetic to EXO fans, but we’re also very apologetic to our EXO friends. All we feel is apologetic.. I have nothing more to say, we won’t do it again in the future..
Bringing in food and drinks, looking at our phones during the concert, saying hello to our EXO friends, and leaving during their encore stage and more.. I’m very sorry for all the disruptive behavior.
I understand you’re all angry right now.. So I understand the comments. As I read more comments, I become more apologetic and my heart hurts.. But we are all truly sorry and are reflecting.. Please accept our sincere apologies.. Please don’t be angry and I hope you can forgive us..

If I ever go to a concert again, I will use this incident as an example and watch the concert maturely and be respectful..! I’m sorry.”

— Bae Seulgi

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“My concert behavior was immature. I didn’t think it through, I apologize. I acknowledge my behavior was wrong. I will think of this as constructive criticism and I’ll be more careful in the future.”

— Chaeyeon

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