BAE173’s Dohyon Reveals Why He Was The Only Member Not On A Bike In The “Loved You” MV

He’s too cute!

BAE173’s Dohyon recently revealed why he was the only member who didn’t ride a bike in their music video for “Loved You.”

Blink and you’ll miss it, but in the music video, you can see Dohyon walking beside his bike, not riding it.

Today, during their comeback showcase for their album INTERSECTION: TRACEJ-Min revealed that the reason that he was riding a bike and Dohyon was not was that Dohyon actually doesn’t know how to ride a bike! He shared, “We looked for different ways, but we couldn’t find any. In the end, Dohyon had to pull his bike along.”

I’ve ridden a bike with training wheels, but I could never ride a regular bike. I tried, but I kept falling. I promise I will officially learn how to ride a bike! Hangyul is good at sports, so I want to learn it.


Luckily for Dohyon, it was only a short clip anyway, so it’s difficult to notice. You’ve got this, Dohyon!

Source: BAE173[OFFICIAL]/YouTube