Fans Are Loving Baek Yerin And DAY6 Young K’s Cute Interaction On “Kiss The Radio”

Awkward yet cute!

Recently, singer Baek Yerin appeared as a guest on DAY6’s KBS CoolFM Kiss The Radio. Baek and DJ Young K’s interaction on the show gained attention online from netizens.

Before the show, Baek can be seen coming over to Young K to give him a hug…

| KBS CoolFM/YouTube

…but as she extends out her arms for a hug…

| KBS CoolFM/YouTube

…Young K quickly reaches out his hand for a firm handshake!

| KBS CoolFM/YouTube

Netizens that saw this interaction thought it was hilarious, considering they have known each other for a long time.

  • “I think both of them were probably taken aback since Young K didn’t hug her and because Yerin was asking him for a hug.”
  • “I need a duet from these two..they are two of my favorite artists.”
  • “I would’ve wanted a hug too if I hadn’t seen him in several years.”

Watch the full episode below!

Source: nate pann