Baekhyun Addresses Negative Comments About EXO’s Performances

EXO‘s Baekhyun revealed he likes to read both positive and negative comments, and has encouraged other EXO members to read them too.

Baekhyun recently had a birthday party earlier this month and held a special fan meeting event to celebrate his birthday with his fans.

One of the fans in attendance uploaded a recording of Baekhyun talking earnestly with his fans, where he expressed that he believes negative comments will ultimately help him grow and improve to become a better idol.

He also explained that he likes to encourage other EXO members to check both the positive and negative comments, in hopes that fans will like seeing them improve based on their feedback.

“I’m very curious as to what you all think. And of course, I’m just bringing this up now, but there are also negative posts about us after we finish a performance. (Fans express disconcert) But wait, we can’t say “awww” because we have to read those, too.

There are some people who leave posts just because they don’t like us, but there are also people who film us and provide really constructive criticism. In that case, I can just do better next time. And it’s better to commend those people so I can be a better person, and become even more skilled.”

I don’t get hurt at those things. I would rather be told ‘Baekhyun was good but there just one thing that seemed lacking’ because it could really help me improve. I always tell the other members not to just read the good comments but also the bad ones.”

I hope you like seeing a new and improved version of me.”

— EXO’s Baekhyun

Watch the video here!