Baekhyun Calls Out Sehun on Live Broadcast For Not Replying To His Birthday Text

Baekhyun revealed Sehun took a long time replying back to the members’ birthday texts but Sehun had a good reason.

EXO-CBX jumped on the Hyunday x SM Entertainment MovingStudio to greet fans during a live broadcast for Thursday’s Also with EXO-CBX.


While discussing the other EXO members’ response to their comeback, the topic of Sehun‘s birthday came up.


Baekhyun revealed that Sehun took his sweet time replying to their birthday messages.

“Yesterday, was Sehun’s birthday. So, in the group chat, we were all saying ‘Happy Birthday, Sehun!’ but in the end, there was no reply from Sehun.” — Baekhyun 


Chen let the fans know that Sehun replied eventually…in the morning.

“We were like ‘what is that kid doing? There’s no reply'” — Xiumin 


Sehun has been busy filming his drama Dokgo Rewind, so the members assume he had fallen asleep early.

“My heart kind of hurts [for him], as someone who has filmed a drama before, it’s really tiring to film a drama.” — Baekhyun


Sehun ended up doing a quick Instagram live the day after his birthday to thank everyone for the birthday messages and projects.

He was in the middle of filming and was unable to upload a post conveying his thanks.


You can see Sehun’s full IG live here — proof that he DID see and appreciate everyone’s birthday messages!