Baekhyun’s Fansite Collects Over $500,000 Of Privé Pre-Orders, Company Tells Them To Stop

Once again, EXO-Ls flaunt their crazy purchasing power.

BAEKHYUNBAR, a fansite for EXO‘s Baekhyun, had gathered so many pre-orders for Privé by BBH that Privé has apparently asked them to stop taking them!


Privé by BBH is a streetwear fashion collaboration collection co-created by Privé and EXO‘s Baekhyun. Baekhyun is the brand’s creative director.


Privé by BBH is meant to be accessible to EXO fans of all economic statuses, as each item in the collection costs below $100 USD to purchase.


Naturally, these reasonable prices opened the floodgates for EXO-loving fashionistas! They can’t wait to get their hands on items like this barcode hoodie…

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…or this “fearless” white hoodie…

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…or this printed T-shirt of Baekhyun!

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A fansite called BAEKHYUNBAR began taking in their own pre-pre-order sales to make a collective order when the official pre-order sales begin. Their pre-pre-order sales was supposed to last for 10 days, but Privé prematurely put an end to it after a staggering $500,000 worth of pre-orders were gathered just on the first day!


What makes this feat even more amazing is the fact that official pre-orders for the fashion collection haven’t even started yet! BAEKHYUNBAR has essentially been gathering fans’ pre-orders to order all at once, similar to how they do for EXO albums.

BAEKHYUNBAR open up their own pre-order requests, where they collect fans’ pre-orders before the actual pre-order begins, and then they place a large order when the actual pre-order sales open.


This isn’t the first time EXO fans have flooded a business in the name of Baekhyun. Shortly after Baekhyun posted this picture of his breakfast, the bakery he had purchased it from was completely sold out of all menu items and swamped with orders. They had to stop pre-orders to backfill their already over-sold quota!

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If you think that’s crazy, keep in mind that Hyundai had to stop pre-orders on their KONA electric SUV after EXO-CBX advertised the vehicle.


They couldn’t keep up with the demand!


Even though Privé is a bit overwhelmed (to say the least), they have assured potential buyers that the collection will have “unlimited” stock once it is released.


The collection will officially be available for purchase in July.