Baekhyun gave fans an unexpected White Day gift

EXO‘s Baekhyun celebrated White Day with EXO-L an a sweet and unexpected way.

On March 14, the White Day is celebrated as a chance for men to repay the gifts traditionally given on Valentines Day. This year, Baekhyun sent his love and respect to fans on White Day with a post on his personal Instagram account.

Baekhyun took a picture with a cute heart gesture with his fingers followed by a short but endearing caption.

I miss you.”
EXO’s Baekhyun


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Fans’ returned his kind messages with messages of warmth and support. Baekhyun also commented on his post as he tells Aeris, his affectionate nickname for EXO-L’s that he’s sorry for not being able to have candy prepared for the event.

He proceeds to tell fans to wait for his surprise and told fans again that he missed them.

“I can’t believe it’s white day today..I need to give you candies!!! I’m so busy with work!! I’m preparing things from where you can’t see me! Just wait a little bit EXO-Ls! >< miss you”
EXO’s Baekhyun

Currently, EXO is working on several solo and group several activities. They are also traveling abroad for their EXO’DRIUM concert tour.