Baekhyun Expresses Jealousy Over How Lavish NCT’s Rookie Days Were Compared To EXO’s

It’s written all over his face.

On a recent television appearance, EXO‘s Baekhyun shared a little bit about their lives when they’d just debuted in 2011.


He revealed just how different it had been from how lavish NCT lived when debuting in 2016.

Eight years ago, Baekhyun revealed that SM Entertainment was stricter on them and wouldn’t allow them to have cell phones. With so many years past, he not only sees idols allowed to have cell phones but often sees them carrying their phones around with them.

Switching to the topic of food, he recalled the fact that EXO had eaten kimbap for a whole year, with less than a quarter of the rolls being a special flavor. The memory made leader Suho laugh so hard he covered his mouth.

Since kimbap is cheap and convenient, they ate what they had to. Compared to them, Baekhyun noticed that rookies nowadays eat fancy ox bone soup.

One of the hosts noticed Baekhyun was being super specific, especially with the mention of ox bone soup, and asked him if their juniors NCT had been the rookies they were referring to. He didn’t hesitate to make the funniest face and say, “Yeah.”

It’s been a long time since EXO debuted; as senior artists, they’re now living as lavishly as anyone could want. Although they struggled as rookies, they made it so that newer ones could receive better options and more freedom. Listen to Baekhyun’s funny comparison between both groups’ rookie days here.