EXO’s Baekhyun Once Revealed He Desperately Needs NCT’s Mark

“I always need Mark on my side.”

On an episode of Knowing Brothers, SuperM was promoting their song “100” as well as their new album Super One.

Since SuperM is extremely popular in the US, the hosts asked the group how their English was. When asked to speak in English, EXO’s Baekhyun comedically said the group’s introduction: “Hi guys we are SuperM!” To his basic English, the cast and SuperM members lovingly laughed.

Moving onto Taeyong from NCT, the hosts asked him if he could speak any English. He replied that he has been receiving English lessons since they promote in the US often.

Host Kim Young Chul further tests Baekhyun’s English by asking him what SuperM’s album concept is. With the great humor he has, Baekhyun once again gives a funny answer replying with “cool…Mark” and then passes it over to Mark (who speaks fluent English). Everyone then realizes that all the English questions are handed over to Mark.

Baekyun makes it clear that his English is not as good as they might believe. He also declares his need for Mark.

I’m not good at English. So I Always need Mark on my side

— Baekhyun

Before Mark gives his answer, the hosts asked Taeyong to answer to which he says “our album name is Super One. Super One’s meaning is…Mark.

After Baekhyun and Taeyong’s attempts failed Mark finally gives an answer and impresses everyone.

Check out the hilarious moment below: