Baekhyun Is Now SuperM’s Leader, But He Still Can’t Relate To Suho

Being a leader isn’t easy, and Kai had his own two cents to add.

Now that Baekhyun is the leader of SuperM, he discussed whether or not he could relate to EXO‘s leader Suho in an interview with The Ringer.


With many years under Suho’s leadership, Baekhyun said he couldn’t relate to the weight Suho carries at all because he “[feels] like [he doesn’t] actually do much.”

As the member who’s always in high spirits, he perceives his leadership role as making sure everyone feels that way as well. Since the rest of the team are good at managing their spirits, Baekhyun thinks his position is simple to fulfill.

My biggest role here within this team is to keep the spirits high, and that’s easy for me—because I’m usually in high spirits myself, and it’s really easy for me to do that with these guys.

Having the benefit of seeing Baekhyun in both his roles as the leader of SuperM and a member of EXO, Kai respectfully disagreed. He said that Baekhyun was a great leader that makes sure everyone’s voice is heard.

When it’s hard for us to voice our opinions or complaints, Baekhyun makes sure that everyone’s opinions are relayed, and that everything is communicated. He doesn’t realize he’s good, but I’m 100 percent satisfied with his leadership.

Suho has spent many years leading EXO. Now that Baekhyun has finally experienced some of what he experiences, he has a bit more understanding of what Suho deals with. After all, Baekhyun may have gained some of his skills from Suho.

Source: The Ringer