Baekhyun Proves He’s Truly The Leader By Helping Taeyong Explain “No Manners” When He Was Struggling

They chose Baekhyun for a reason.

SuperM‘s Baekhyun claimed on more than one occasion that he wasn’t much of a leader and more like the group’s mood maker. The moment he helped Taeyong, who was struggling with an explanation for their song, says otherwise.

As soon as Taeyong was asked about working on “No Manners” by The Ringer, he didn’t know what to say. Fortunately, Baekyun briefly stepped in to encourage him. His help didn’t end there.

Speak from your heart.

Taeyong tried to take Baekhyun’s advice but lost momentum in the middle of his explanation and looked around for someone to help.

I’m not saying that breaking up is always the answer, but a bad breakup is…

That’s when Baekhyun once again stepped in, finishing his explanation by saying it’s best to break up before the relationship gets worse.

Even though Baekhyun doesn’t think he fits the role of a leader, encouraging moments like this proves the group made their choice for a leader wisely.

Source: The Ringer