Baekhyun reveals 3 secrets about his body

Upon appearing on the show Star Show 360, Baekhyun revealed three bizzare but secret things about his body that fans may have not known.

On the premiere episode of the new MBC show, the EXO member shared three odd things he can do with his body, some out of his control. During the show, Kai reveals that Baekhyun’s arm will bend outwards when it is extended, amused by the occurrence when Baekhyun demonstrates with the hosts describing it as a lightning bolt as they laugh.

Baekhyun then reveals that he can literally hold his pinky by bending it inwards, not a small feat as the cast attempts to try it as well.

And last but not least, the weirdest out of them all is the idol’s ability to flop around his ring finger as if it had no bones.

Watch the full video below:

Source: Instiz