Baekhyun Found The SuperM Member Who Knows Him Best, And It Wasn’t Kai Or Taeyong

They did amuse Baekhyun with all of their wrong answers.

For a fun way to prepare for their first full-length album Super One, SuperM gathered together and took an exam on their fellow members. The first two they were tested on were Mark and Baekhyun.

While some may have thought Kai and Taeyong would get perfect scores on Baekhyun’s, there was a member who scored higher than both of them.

Baekhyun’s exam started off with a question that should’ve been easy: his birthday. Taeyong and Kai made everyone laugh with how wrong their answers had been; Kai was confident it was December 25 while Taeyong wrote April 9. Baekhyun revealed the correct answer was May 9.

It only became funnier for the two from there. When they had to guess his weight, Taeyong made Baekhyun shout when writing the highest number 72 kg, “Are you insane?

Though he’d known Baekhyun longer, Kai hadn’t known that his favorite color was red, “I didn’t know that.” Baekhyun pointed out it was the color of his stage equipment, “Even my microphone is red.

When it came to topics such as Baekhyun’s least favorite food, Mark was on a roll with the correct guesses. “Cucumber! Cucumber!” He’d been the member no one had been expecting.

After all the Baekhyun exams were graded, Mark was the member who scored the highest with nine correct answers out of ten.

Even Baekhyun was shocked at Mark being the one who knew him well from the question, showing the funniest expression of surprise. Mark was excited from his victory, “Unbelievable. I have a good memory.

It looks like Mark pays far more attention to his members than anyone thought, all the way down to the smallest details.

Check out the hilarious answers Kai and Taeyong came up with, along with how knowledge Mark is on the subject of Baekhyun.