Baekhyun’s Name Is Spelled Completely Wrong In EXO’s New Album

EXO‘s The War albums are finally making their way to fans…

…only Baekhyun‘s name is spelled incorrectly in all of the private versions.

Image: @Ilovemyself355

That’s right, instead of Baekhyun, the print was spelled “Backhyun”.

Multiple times.

Image: @yeol0e

SM Entertainment has apologized by including a set of stickers with Baekhyun spelled correctly 10 times.

Image: @Ilovemyself355

Fans are, for the most part, laughing it off.

After all, mistakes happen!

Others, however, are less than enthused (and a little angry).

EXO released the music video for their much-anticipated title track “Ko Ko Bop”.

EXO releases MV for “Ko Ko Bop”