Ballad Singer Huh Gak’s Mic Was Snatched Away From Him For Being “Too Loud”…At A Festival

Here’s how everyone reacted.

Veteran ballad singer Huh Gak recently fell victim to an unfortunate and dangerous incident at the hands of an ordinary citizen.

Huh Gak | @huindoong2/Wikipedia

The “Empty Words” vocalist was recently invited to an outdoor festival held at Pohang University, Korea, for a performance. Fan cameras caught the moment an unidentified man suddenly walked on stage mid-song.

Without warning, he snatched Huh Gak’s microphone away from him using his left hand. His right hand, meanwhile, appeared to be ready to slap him.

Huh Gak was clearly shocked by the aggressive action. He screamed out loud, then he placed a hand over his chest.

It was only after the man grabbed the microphone that staff members rushed to stop him. They dragged him away from the stage as he shouted, “I can’t sleep!” The singer could only look on in disbelief.

After the video was spread online, netizens called for tighter security in festivals. They argued that this may happen again next time, and the guest singers’ lives may truly be threatened. If the man had brought a knife or gun instead of simply snatching the mic away, the situation would have taken a significantly more violent turn.

| @huhgak1020/Instagram

Hopefully, Huh Gak may quickly recover from this incident.

| @huhgak1020/Instagram

Source: YouTube