Two Of K-Drama’s Scariest Serial Killers Will Face Off In A New Netflix Thriller

If you love “The Glory,” this movie is for you.

If The Glory has whetted your appetite for Korean revenge thrillers, Netflix has the perfect movie to add to your watch list.

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In 2020, director Lee Chung Hyun made his feature film debut with Netflix‘s The Call.

Lee Chung Hyun

This time-bending thriller introduced viewers to one of the most terrifying female killers in recent Korean cinema, Young Sook (played by Jeon Jong Seo).

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The Call is the very definition of “no good deed goes unpunished.” Heroine Seo Yeon (Park Shin Hye), a woman living in present day, makes the mistake of saving the life of a woman who she’s communicating with 20 years in the past. Unfortunately for Seo Yeon–and several ill-fated side characters–Young Sook is a fledging serial killer.

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A heart-pounding cat and mouse game ensues as Seo Yeon tries to stop Young Sook from murdering everyone she loves. Nothing and no one is safe–not even viewers, who can expect one final, infuriating twist in the film’s final 10 seconds.

Park Shin Hye | Netflix 

Now, Jeon Jong Seo is reuniting with The Call‘s director to play the lead role in Ballerina. This time she’ll play the film’s vicious antihero, Ok Ju. Ok Ju, a former bodyguard with John Wick-level skills, will do whatever it takes to fulfill her friend’s dying wish: revenge.

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Grieving the loss of a best friend she couldn’t protect, an ex-bodyguard sets out to fulfill her dear friend’s last wish: sweet revenge.

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Ok Ju’s target, however, is not to be trifled with. She’ll face off against Pro Choi, played by Kim Ji Hoon. In 2020, Kim Ji Hoon played Baek Hee Sung, the soulless antagonist in Flower of Evil. 

Kim Ji Hoon as Baek Hee Sung

Like The Call‘s Young Sook, Baek Hee Sung was ruthless, clever, and beyond frightening. Kim Ji Hoon’s bone-chilling portrayal won’t soon be forgotten.

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While Ballerina isn’t Kim Ji Hoon and Jeon Jong Seo’s first project together (they played allies in Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area), it is the first time they’ve battled each other in a thriller.

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Who will survive? We’ll have to wait and see. Ballerina‘s 2023 release date has not yet been announced, but the film will be available on Netflix worldwide.

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