BamBam Is Forever Shook After Reading Erotic Fan-Fiction About Himself

Bambam recently discovered the dark side of K-POP, smut fanfiction.

Bambam is known to be friends with a YouTuber named Dee Kosh.

Recently, Dee Kosh uploaded a video of himself reading erotic fanfiction.

Out of curiosity, Dee Kosh looked up to see if there were any GOT7 Bambam erotic fanfiction and was shocked when he found some.

He had a hard time trying not to laugh while reading sexual fantasies about his friend.

Bambam ended up watching the video and tweeted a link to it, with the words “I don’t know what to say about this.”

A fan warned him that he should stay away from reading more and Bambam said that he doesn’t want to get into fanfiction.

Bambam deleted the tweet after a while, but the screenshots of the tweet and the video have still been circulating around.

Check out the fanfiction Bambam listened to in the video below!