GOT7 BamBam’s sudden masculine transformation leaves fans in awe

Fans are surprised to see how much GOT7 BamBam has grown up in recent times, saying he’s transformed from a boy to man.

BamBam is often mistaken for the maknae of the group. Due to his fun-loving, energetic personality and his baby-faced, youthful features. Lately, however, fans have noticed a sudden change in BamBam’s appearance. BamBam himself has also noticed and has a good sense of humor about it.

Here’s the BamBam that everyone is familiar with.

BamBam in 2014 was just adorable! / Source: Tumblr
Long-standing fans will recognize this cute, cheeky look!

Taking a look at the early days of BamBam’s idol career, it is very clear to see the transformation. He really has grown up before fans eyes.


Look at that smouldering gaze!
… And that strong, angular jaw!
Transformed: from adorable to sexy.
Working the leather jacket!
Working that leather jacket!

What do you think about BamBam’s new masculine side?

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