GOT7’s BamBam Reveals The Thai K-Pop Idols Have Their Own Group Chat

BamBam revealed the Thailand-born K-Pop idols have a group chat and fans are speculating about what the chat would be like.

GOT7‘s BamBam revealed that he has a group chat with other Thai K-Pop idols including BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, NCT‘s Ten and CLC‘s Sorn!

Image: DONT Magazine


BamBam was featured in the May issue of DONT Magazine and spoke about his close friendship with the other Thai K-Pop members.

“To be honest, we have a Thai group chat and we all know each other. Our houses are close and we meet each other often. [BlackPink’s Lisa and I] meet all the time at events. [NCT’s Ten] is from SM Entertainment and they’re a bit strict so we don’t meet often. Sorn from CLC we meet often.” — BamBam


Fans love it and are speculating what the group chat is like!


It’s not the first time the Thai line have mentioned each other or been pictured together – Lisa and BamBam have both spoken about their 11-year friendship.

Lisa mentioned in an interview that she was close with BamBam, Sorn and 2PMs Nichkhun.


And BamBam is often seen with Nichkhun and Ten!


Sorn and Lisa have also posted selfies of their time hanging out together.

The two girls have also been seen hanging out with Minnie from the newly-debuted (G)I-DLE, who is also Thai.


Fans are calling for a Thai line collaboration more than ever and hope a performance or reality show is on the way!