Banana Milk Just Came Out With A Beer Bong And It’s All You Ever Needed In Life

Everyone knows how addictive Binggrae’s Banana Milks are, in that they’re a perfect drink for any occasion.

To make Banana Milk even more accessible to everyone, Binggrae released 5 different straws for 5 different situations.

The first is a beer bong straw that allows Banana Milk drinkers to gulp down multiple bottles at a time.

Its design allows drinkers to attach an infinite number of Banana Milk bottles, so you can gulp down as many bottles as you want!

They also designed a spray straw resembling a fire hydrant that attaches to the Banana Milk, complete with a safety pin.

This “straw” will definitely help cool down your mouth after eating something hot and spicy!

Their creativity doesn’t end there; they also made a “milky heart straw” that’s perfect for couples!

In addition, frequent late night drinkers can also enjoy their Banana Milk as a hangover cure with Binggrae’s ringer straw.

It allows people to drink their Banana Milk lying down, which is undoubtedly the best way to cure our hangovers.

Finally, Binggrae also made a stainless steel, GIANT straw that’s four times bigger than the average straw.

Those with a ravenous appetite for Banana Milk will be able to gulp down the entire bottle within seconds.

Which one is the best Banana Milk straw for you?