Bang PD Answers The Question “What Makes BTS Different?”

BTS is starting a new movement in the Korean music industry.

It’s a known fact that BTS is creating something different in terms of K-Pop and artists in the music industry. Although BTS is receiving the spotlight from the world now, many are curious as to why BTS has become a movement across the globe. During a talk session with Producer Bang Si Hyuk, he answers people’s question about what it is that makes BTS different.


He states that he needs to talk about the first time he met the members in order to answer the question. He reveals that he can never forget the first time he heard RM’s song. “His ability to talk about subjects on a deeper level and flexibility in using language and his creative ways of expressing rap through Korean was not the level you would expect from a 17 year old.”


He remembers letting producer Pdogg know that they couldn’t let someone this talented get away and requested a meeting with him right away.

Each of the seven members has their own individual talents that could turn into something big if they were to combine their skills together. Bang points out that although he wanted them to shine bright as super stars; he wanted them to take it a step further than other people. “More than just super stars, having them communicate with fans on a more personal level and becoming someone that can have a positive influence on others was more important.”


He wanted them to be artists that were not in a vertical relationship with fans but a parallel one, showing that we are all equal.

During the recording of their first album, he only requested one thing from the members; they must talk about what’s truly inside of them. Aside from this one request, he did not make any other rules. He did not set times for when to practice or when to work. He let them be free to whatever they pleased as they made music.

Their first album talks a lot about school-related topics, and while some may think that this topic is off trend and not popular, they slowly began gaining fans of people who said their songs helped them.


This shows that Bang PD could see BTS’s potential from the beginning and gave them the platform to express their creativity, thus creating the ‘BTS movement’.