Ayo Hitman Bang Introduces…The Bang Si Hyuk Diss Track You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Here’s the story behind this hilarious, forgotten song.

If you’re a longtime fan of BigHit Music, you probably know this iconic quote, “Ayo Hitman Bang introduces the Hit It second audition.” 

Bang Si Hyuk in 2011.

BigHit Music founder Bang Si Hyuk said this back in 2011, in what would become his most-memed video ever. While the first round of Hit It auditions were for rappers, the second auditions were open to dancers and singers as well. At this time, BigHit Music’s debut boy group, BTS, was still being formed.

Promotional posters for the 2011 Hit It audition | BigHit Music

Do you recognize this rookie rapper? It’s BTS’s Suga repping his hometown, Daegu, at the Hit It audition finals!

For over a decade, fans and Bang Si Hyuk’s own artists have clowned him about his legendary “ayo” video.  Jungkook, for example, made BTS crack up when he did this:

There was, however, one person who went the extra mile to throw shade at Bang Si Hyuk: a rapper by the name of Will2 the B Redy. He released a diss track called “Shit Man Bang.”

The music video starts with the rapper reciting Bang Si Hyuk’s, “Ayo Hitman Bang introduces” quote.

The “Shit Man Bang” lyrics take shots at Bang Si Hyuk and hip-hop “fakes,” like idol rappers, who weren’t considered “real rappers,” in his eyes. Will2 the B Redy was among the critics who doubted Bang Si Hyuk’s ability to produce a hip-hop group.

F to the U to the C to the K
In my opinion, you still lack a lot.
F to the U to the C to the K
For the fakes who don’t know anything, look here.
F to the U to the C to the K
The way your tongue moves may be light, but your attitude is heavy.

— “Shit Man Bang” lyrics

Fun Fact: The chorus of Suga’s solo track, “Agust D,” sounds similar to Will2’s “F to the U to the C to the K” verse at 1:40. In “Agust D,” Suga disses his haters, including the rappers who criticized BTS for being idol rappers. (Coincidence? You decide!)

“Shit Man Bang” made headlines and, eventually, came to Bang Si Hyuk’s attention. On Twitter, Bang Si Hyuk wrote, “I was also cringing while I was rapping, but I was not expecting to get dissed. However, it was really really fun.” He also invited the rapper to audition!

Big boss energy? This man’s got it!

Watch the video that started it all here:

Source: Hiphopplaya and Sports Donga