Bang Si Hyuk Knew BTS Would Be Successful Because Of These 2 Songs

They were so well-received that they gave him hope.

During an interview with Variety, Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk was asked if there was a moment where he felt certain that BTS would be successful.


In response, he named two of BTS’s songs that made him feel that spark.

The first moment was in 2015 with the release of “Run” from the album The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Pt. 2. It was the first song that made Bang Si Hyuk notice that BTS’s music was being received positively.

The following year after that release, the second song that foreshadowed their success was “Fire”. They had created it to test how well BTS’s music was received, and it became the one that ultimately gained global attention. And, it made Bang Si Hyuk think bigger.

As a result of all the success BTS achieved, Bang Si Hyuk thought he was in over his head when he suggested that they might have a chance to hold a global arena tour.

I hoped they could become a group that was bigger than One Direction in their prime.

Now, BTS have done just that and reached achievements that some artists haven’t even dreamed of. And, these 2 songs gave Bang Si Hyuk only a small glimpse of what they’d become.

Source: Variety