Bang Si Hyuk And Pdogg Unboxed BTS’s Latest Album In A Convenience Store… And Fanboyed Over Jimin’s Photocard

The truth is out: BTS producers also huge fanboys of BTS!

Big Hit Entertainment‘s producer Bang Si Hyuk is an avid fanboy himself for the group he created! In a series of tweets, Bang Si Hyuk and fellow producer Pdogg, who is behind BTS‘s many bops, shared their journey of purchasing and unboxing BTS’s latest album.


Bang Si Hyuk first shared pictures of himself and pdogg completely excited and each holding BTS’s “Love Yourself: Tear” albums.

“Purchased BTS albums on our walk after eating! The cute welsh corgi is a bonus.” — Bang Si Hyuk


It seems Bang Si Hyuk and pdogg got too excited about the albums that they couldn’t wait to open it in their offices. The two decided to film each other sitting inside a convenience store and unboxing their BTS goods, like classic fanboys.


Pdogg was a little clumsy with cutting away the vinyl wrap and left some marks on the side of the album box where the knife went through. He retweeted this video and commented it was his first time doing something like this.

“Totally my bad. I’ve never opened anything like it before.” — Pdogg


Fellow ARMYs consoled him by tweeting back that he’ll know better next time. What a rookie mistake!

“LOL you are so cute. It’s okay, you have privileges… of cutting open the albums I guess.”


“Honestly had my hands over my mouth watching that knife stab the side of the album.”


“Next time, try using a bus card… Get the BTS bus card and boom, it will unwrap so easily…”


Pdogg found out he got Jimin‘s photo card. With all the other goods that came with the album though, he wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. That’s when Bang Si Hyuk took things into his hands and taught pdogg a thing or two about unboxing BTS albums.

Listen to their adorable laughter at 1:33, after Bang Si Hyuk finds out his album also contained a Jimin photocard!


Unlike pdogg, Bang Si Hyuk knew exactly where to cut and what to do and it kind of had pdogg’s mind blown!

“Oh that’s how I should have opened mine too… You’re such a fanboy.” — Pdogg


Flipping through the pages of the album contents, Bang Si Hyuk briefly mentioned that the album, once produced, always looks slightly different from when he confirms the final design. Fans can see glimpses of what’s inside the album!

“I have a feeling I’m going to get a special photo card…” — Bang Si Hyuk


Fans absolutely adored Bang Si Hyuk’s unboxing video. As cute as it is, it showed how much the producers actually care about the boys! Plus, it seems the video helped some other confused ARMYs figure out how to properly fold the BTS standing photo goodie!


Bang Si Hyuk doesn’t stop at simply unboxing the album. He had pdogg also film him taking the survey. At this point, Bang Si Hyuk is doing a tutorial for the ARMYs out there who weren’t sure how to make use of the items in the album!

He demonstrated how the QR code can be scanned to open up a survey page that will also give a digital photo card with completion.


The two BTS papa-fans get excited when J-Hope appears at the end of the survey.


Fans can’t quite handle the amount of cuteness that is in the video and demand that Bang Si Hyuk becomes a full-time BTS vlogger!


Perhaps this tweet could accurately sum up the experience for a lot of ARMYs who walked through the unboxing and surveying with Bang Si Hyuk and pdogg.