Bang Si Hyuk Responds To SEVENTEEN’s Trot Song Featuring “Hit Man Bang”

We need a feature with Hitman Bang himself!

In the most recent episode of SEVENTEEN’s YouTube series, GOING SEVENTEEN, the members came together to record for “God Of Light Music.” While recording DK‘s main rapper Seokmin’s part, he revealed that he wanted to tighten up the sound a bit.

DK: I’m sorry but the beat feels too laid back. I’d like to tighten it up…”

Woozi: Then, let’s go with a different drill ad-lib.

Hoshi: What about ‘Grrik gak yak bang bang?

Woozi: Whether it’s ‘Bang’ or ‘Bbaeng’, it could also be ‘Hitman Bang’…let’s go with ‘Hitman Bang.’.

After hearing it with the new lyrics, they felt that this was a true winner! To this, Hoshi jokingly stated that they might be acquired by HYBE for this!


After seeing this, Bang Si Hyuk posted his reaction through Instagram!

‘Going Seventeen’ video capture | @hitmanb72/Instagram

If you’re going to do it like this…

‘Going Seventeen’ video capture | @hitmanb72/Instagram

It’s an honor!

Netizens couldn’t help but smile at the cute interaction between Bang PD and the boys!

Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Ah he really saw it!”
  • “Wow crazy…”
  • “Ah please I want to see Hitman Bang sing it just once please!”
  • “Bang Si Hyuk seems to like being called Hitman Bang.”
  • “Can he please sing this once?”
  • “OMG!”

If you listen to the entire song, you’ll see just how catchy it is!

Watch the full recording process in the episode below!

Source: theqoo