Where Is She Now? Boy Group Member’s Super Hot, Tattoo Artist Sister Has Made A Huge Life Change

She went viral for her looks and talent.

When a K-Pop artist debuts, there is always an interest in their families, and many fans are interested in seeing if their siblings are just as talented or good-looking. As it turns out, they always are and can develop their own fan base.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and her sister (left) | @jiyyoon_s2/Instagram

In the early 2010s, one boy group member’s siblings attracted a ton of attention for their good looks, especially his older sister.

In 2012, B.A.P debuted under TS Entertainment. One of the members who immediately stood out to fans was the group’s leader, Bang Yongguk, who was active before their debut.

Bang Yongguk | Vanity Teen

Fans immediately got to their detective work and discovered that Yongguk had two siblings: a twin brother named Yong Nam and a sister named Natasha.

(left to right) Bang Yongguk, Natasha, and Yong Nam

Besides being gorgeous, Natasha had a tougher image and was covered in tattoos, making her the ultimate girl crush. She also did modeling work, showing off her beautiful tattoos.

Bang Natasha | @okza_yeonnam/Instagram

If she couldn’t be any hotter, Natasha had her own tattoo shop and tattooed many people, including K-Pop fans.

A MONSTA X tattoo done by Natasha. | @natasha.bang/Instagram

In recent years, Natasha seems to have taken on a new career path!

When looking at her social media username, one would be surprised to see that her Instagram account is now that of a restaurant. She and her partner have since opened a Korean noodle shop!

I decided to change my handle to the restaurant name and start over.
Bye, natasha.bang!
I see there have been a lot of unfollows…
So I’d appreciate any love and support
Going forward, I’ll be sharing small, dainty, and delicious updates from Okza.

— Bang Natasha

| @okza_yeonam/Instagram

In a promotional video for the restaurant, Natasha can be seen eating from a large bowl.

The restaurant seems to be very successful, posting sold out notices often. It’s great to see that she has found a new path that she loves!