Bangkok Cafe Put $3,300 Price Tag On Seat BLACKPINK’s Lisa Used, So Fans Shut It Down—Literally

The apology after the owner’s “vulgar” remarks weren’t enough for fans.

Back when BLACKPINK‘s Lisa visited her homeland of Thailand, she shared stunning photos to her Instagram of a photoshoot at the MQQN Cafe.


Little did everyone know, those same photos would spark an unfortunate series of events that would end with the cafe shut down from the owner’s rude comments and attempts to profit off Lisa.

Since many people had seen the photos of Lisa taken in the cafe, the owner decided to sell the seat for over $3,300 USD, which he’d received an offer for. That amount wasn’t enough money for him.

To increase his earnings, he offered to include the glass and spoon she’d used on her visit: “I am not satisfied with this price yet. We also have the glass and the spoon she used too.”

After posting this on Facebook, the comments of the owner and the others who joined in caused fans to come to Lisa’s aid from the negative nature of what was being said. They trended the hashtag #LowlyMQQNcafe to call attention to the sexual harassment that was taking place.

BLACKPINK Fans Rush To Lisa’s Defense After Learning Thai Cafe Owner Posted Crude Comments About Her Online

Even though the owner apologized, it wasn’t enough to make up for all the damage that had been done.

I have to apologise for the negative post. I apologise to Lisa and anyone involved. We all love and admire Lisa. I’m sorry for what happened. I have to apologise again.

After everything that’s happened, the cafe has now closed, a sign in its front window saying just as much, even making Thai news. It seems like justice came swift for the owner of MQQN Cafe.

Source: South China Morning Post