Bangladesh’s President Reveals His Grandchildren Are ARMYs

His grandchildren love K-Pop!

Recently, Korean prime minister’s Kim Hyun Chul met with President Mohammad Abdul Hamid of Bangladesh on July 14 to dicuss expansion of bilateral cooperation. There, President Hamid revealed that his grandchildren are actually fans of K-Pop group, BTS!

He first asked for a signed CD of BTS to give to his grandchildren, then admiting that his grandkids are huge K-Pop fans.

My grandchildren loves K-Pop and really likes BTS.

He also said that he had promised his grandchildren that he will take them to Korea one day.

Netizens find this interaction amusing, saying that even in diplomatic talks, BTS is mentioned, and that BTS is truly a Korean treasure. Many are impressed with BTS’s impacts on politics, as well as on society, economy, education, and art.

You have to be proud to be from the same country as BTS.

– Korean Netizen

Source: Naver