The Bangs Vs. No Bangs Debate Continues With “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actors Ha Yoon Kyung And Joo Jong Hyuk

Which one will you choose?

With ENA’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo ending last week, fans are still head-over-heels with all the lead and second leads from the drama. In particular, one online community board had an open debate on the bang and no bang hairstyles of the second leads Choi Sooyeon (played by Ha Yoon Kyung) and Kwon Minwoo (played by Joo Jong Hyuk).

Ha Yoon Kyung with bangs




Ha Yoon Kyung without bangs


Joo Jong Hyuk with bangs


Joo Jong Hyuk without bangs




Netizens comments were all over the place making it harder to choose a specific winner.

  • “With and with.”
  • “Without and without.”
  • “No bangs Sooyeon and bang Minwoo.”
  • “Both without bangs.”

What’s your preference? Either way, these two second leads will always be remembered as Woo Young Woo’s entertaining colleagues!

Source: theqoo