Bangs Vs. No Bangs? IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Ends The Debate By Choosing Which She Likes More

Which do you prefer?

IVE member Jang Wonyoung, known for her stunning beauty, surprised fans with her recent comeback with a new look: bangs.

Jang Wonyoung | @for_everyoung10/Instagram

Before the new look, Jang Wonyoung usually rocked a long goddess-like hairstyle with long hair.

However, earlier this month, she switched up her hairdo by adding straight bangs that brought an edge to her usual style.

Fans couldn’t stop talking about her bangs, and there were discussions among them about whether they preferred Wonyoung with or without them.

IVE appeared on TV producer Na Yeong Seok‘s YouTube channel, channel fullmoon, as guests, and Wonyoung addressed the “bangs” debate with her own opinion.

IVE members | channel fullmoon/YouTube

When Na Yeon Seok asked Wonyoung to choose between “forehead-covered Wonyoung” and “forehead-revealed Wonyoung,” she chose the former.

She explained that she hadn’t had bangs in a long time—since she was a baby.

First of all, it was the first time I cut my bangs like this since I was five. Until now, while doing activities, I’ve never had bangs. So this time, I cut it to make a transformation.

— Jang Wonyoung

Na Yeong Seok then asked how she felt about the bangs: if she liked it or not. She replied

Honestly, these days, I like having bangs so much more.

— Jang Wonyoung

The other members and Na Yeong Seok agreed that the bangs looked great on her, and they were not the only ones who thought so!

| @ivestarship/Instagram

With her new bangs and look, Wonyoung showed a different side of her in IVE’s first EP album, I’VE MINE, with three title tracks, “Baddie,” “Either Way,” and “Off the Record.”


Source: channel fullmoon/YouTube