Lucky B.A.P Fans Get Their K-Pop Wishes Fulfilled In The Most Epic Way Possible

Talk about living every fan’s dream!

What’s every K-Pop fan’s biggest wish? To see their idols live and in person and for a few lucky fans, not only did they fulfill this wish but they did it in the most epic way possible!


B.A.P has been touring around North America on their Forever Tour and recently made a stop in Chicago. While a number of fans were going to see them in concert, a few fans got the surprise of a lifetime when the members just so happened to walk into a restaurant they were eating at!


Talk about being in the right place at the right time!


If seeing their favorite idols wasn’t already amazing enough, these fans were about to get an even bigger surprise. One of the lucky fans, @butterseok, reported that the members and their managers were incredibly sweet and actually invited them to their concert!


At first, they weren’t sure it was really going to happen but then they were given tickets…


And the next thing they knew they were at the concert right!


With an amazing spot to fully take in the fantastic performance!


And if it wasn’t already the absolutely best fan experience ever, this group of friends also took photos with the members too!


The experience was so amazing that these fans could hardly believe what had happened and expressed as much on Twitter.


Of course, they also gave some major love for the group and their amazing gesture!


Since their jaw-dropping story has made it online, other fans have been expressing their own excitement for these fans even if they are a little jealous that it didn’t happen to them!


Talk about living every fan’s dream!

Source: @butterseok