Barack Obama mentions SHINee at 8th Asian Leadership Conference

Barack Obama was in South Korea for a conference and surprisingly mentioned SHINee during his speech!

Image Source: The Odyssey Online

He started off his speech by saying “Good Morning” in Korean (joeun achim) before talking about how much he loved Korea.

Image Source: The Telegraph

He made sure to let everyone know that his favorite Korean foods were kimchi and bulgogi.

Image Source: US Department of Defense

“As the President of the United States, I visited Seoul four times. I find myself wanting to visit Korea more than any other city outside of America. I will prove the Korea-U.S Alliance is strong, and I’ll also show you how much I like kimchi and bulgogi.”

— Barack Obama

Towards the middle of his speech, he even mentioned SHINee and praised their positive influence on American youth.

Image Source: Billboard

“Many famous films are being produced in Korea, and American youth are studying Korean to understand SHINee. Similarly, I heard SHINee really liked America’s In-N-Out burgers.”

— Barack Obama

It looks like not even the former president of the United States can resist SHINee’s charms!

Image Source: The Odyssey Online

Source: Chosun