Known For Her Visuals, She Is The Most Popular Cheerleader With Baseball Fans In Taiwan

They even call her their “Stadium Angel”!

Thanks to her stellar visuals, Qun Qun is one of Taiwan’s most popular cheerleaders, with fans lovingly calling her their “Stadium Angel”.

As one of the most famous cheerleaders in Taiwan, Qun Qun appears frequently outside the stadium, showing up on television and popular photo collections.


Qun Qun is a member of the cheering squad known as the Passion Sisters, who cheer for the professional Taiwanese baseball team the Chinatrust Brothers.

Cheerleaders in Taiwan are more akin to idols rather than their counterparts in the United States, performing simple, cute routines to keep fans’ enthusiasm and energy up.

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Qun Qun’s cute face and sweet aura bring joy to fans of the Brothers’ baseball team who come out to support their team at every game.

What do you think? Did Qun Qun’s angelic visuals make you a baseball fan? ⚾

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