Billboard Music Award Staff Are Blown Away By ARMY’s Presence At The Award Show

Billboard Music Award staff are impressed by ARMY’s dedication as they camp out and sing fanchants for BTS at the event’s venue.

ARMY’s love and dedication for BTS is no joke, and even the Billboard Music Award staff have been impressed by ARMYs’ organized fan chant and presence at the award show.

The staff members were so amazed in fact, that they have captured several videos of the fans’ cheering for BTS and uploaded them to Twitter.

These fans chanted BTS at the top of their lungs.

BTS’s staff couldn’t help but record the fans.

ARMYs bring their energy with them wherever they go!

Sway captured the carpet that BTS will make their debut on.

They are no joke.

ARMYs are hoping to get a glimpse of BTS on the red carpet.

Check out some photos from Dispatch below: